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All about Hep Ken

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Hep Ken in a nutshell

Hep Ken is a French company that offers you high-quality organic and Breton seaweed. We are also developing a range of delicatessen made from seaweed.


Driven by our values & our sensitivities, we are committed to offering you only products that have been raised or collected in protected areas, by women and men concerned and respectful of their environment and living things.


Algae are extraordinary plants, sources of proteins, trace elements, vitamins... like no other. And that's not counting the essential role they play in their natural environment.

This is why we provide tasty, healthy products with controlled origins and certified qualities. But also easy, varied recipes for everyone. 

Because our goal is simple:make you love seaweed, at all costs!


Because that's how it is at Hep Ken*!


*Hep Ken in Breton = only, only, exclusively… without concession what!

Source of life

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Our history

Hep Ken // Organic algae was imagined in 2018. 

By going to film and photograph her friends who have become seaweed farmers in South Finistère for several years, Julie fell in love with these unusual foods. For her, seaweed ticks all the boxes!


So... how do you make people love seaweed?How to democratize them, enhance them, explain the importance of origins, salting, cooking, conservation, nutritional values... The challenge was huge!


From collaborations to exciting encounters, the links are woven between all the actors with whom Julie collaborates and nourishes this adventure.

Chefs, grocers, individuals... the possibilities are endless, desires more lively than ever and the taste for seaweed more and more appreciated!It is thanks to this web, which is growing day by day, that we will begin to better understand and appreciate algae.

Today,  it's a seaweed recipe book that was born!

"SEAWEED, 60 iodized and gourmet recipes to fill up with vitality" - Éditions MARABOUT is an ode to these plants, a tool to help you better understand and use algae on a daily basis.

Notre histoire

Who am I ?

Julie Desnoulez

Trained in sustainable development, I first had my own restaurant. I then devoted myself to my passion and became a photographer and videographer... when I dive into the world of algae thanks to my dear friends who became seaweed farmers several years ago, I decide to combine all my encounters and my values and creates Hep Ken to make people discover and love seaweed.

I am convinced that algae are part of a virtuous circle, both for human beings and for our planet.

I like to surround myself with personalities who share the same values of solidarity, well-being and respect for the environment. It is in this sense that I develop partnerships and other projects that are close to my heart.


my mantra“Be the change you want to see in the world!” Mahatma Gandhi

Photo: Benjamin Aguirre

Nos algues
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Our values

Hep Ken carries values that are close to his heart and motivate a daily commitment: to create acircuit as virtuous as possible, from producers to the sale of seaweed for people and the planet.

How ?

- By buying atfair pricefor everyone

- By creating packagingthe least polluting possible

- By collaborating with companies such as the Post Office whichoffset their carbon footprint

- Inpromoting know-howAndunique productsin the world.


We're far from perfect, but we're working on it sincerely, and doing our best to cause as little harm as possible.

Nos valeurs
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Discover algae

Consumed for thousands of years, for their taste qualities and their virtues, algae concentrate in their tissues all the basic elements that constitute our planet and our organism.


Any seaweed, concentrated in seawater (hence the importance of their original environment which must be irreproachable), has all the mineral salts and trace elements known to date.


This exceptional richness in nutrients appears in balanced proportions, almost ideal for our dietary needs and in a natural organic form, which makes them particularly assimilable. 

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