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Organic & Breton seaweed

for the pros

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All our products are organic, grown or picked in Brittany,   in the NATURA 2000 zone.

This gives them exceptional qualities and a guarantee of superior quality.

We offer   4 kinds of organic seaweed, fresh salted or dehydrated (in different sizes),  processed directly after harvest, the hand, following a process japanese_cc781905-5cde-319 4-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ancestral and

with the utmost respect for plants.


Packaged in boxes, in bulk or recyclable bags.

Discovery offer - No minimum order

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Do you want to sell our products in your structure?

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Kombu Royal

Kombu Royal





Haricot de mer

Haricot de mer


fresh salty

Packaged in boxes, in bulk or in recyclable bags.

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Dehydrated seaweed  at low temperature thus preserving all their  taste and nutritional qualities. 

To sprinkle on all your dishes to benefit from  daily benefits. 

Packaged in  30g bag 

(possibility to create your own grammages and mixtures)

Offer your customers top-of-the-range and 100% French products

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Marion: +33 6 10 85 10 42

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